“I am amazed at how quickly, and with what little effort on my part, Laura was able to improve my riding in areas that I thought would always be lacking. I have struggled with my body’s crookedness for as long as I’ve been riding, and, after unsuccessfully addressing it with the help of several very capable riding instructors, had thought that it would be basically impossible to correct. But Laura took the time to determine exactly what the roots of my asymmetries were, and gave me a few simple exercises to do each day. Almost immediately after beginning this program, I could feel a profound difference when I sat on a horse. Suddenly I was in control of little corners of my body that had hitherto functioned independently of my will, and just as suddenly, I was in control of the corresponding parts of my horse’s body! With Laura’s help, we were a little closer to achieving that elusive perfect horse-rider harmony. I would recommend her to anyone trying to do the same.”

-Monica Gaebe, Intermediate Level Event Rider